Bonding with Your Supervisor Over Thanksgiving Meal

A dissertation can be made successful only when it is enjoyed to the fullest, the moment the project becomes a task, and it may start to seem daunting. One of the most effective ways to keep you satisfied and happy with the dissertation project is to be on good terms with the dissertation supervisor. Here are a number of ways in which a good thanksgiving meal with the dissertation supervisor may prove to be a major booster for the dissertation project.


  • Getting to know – When you decide to have a meal with the supervisor, it automatically sets an informal mood and it becomes easier for you to know your supervisor on a more personal level. This helps in the dissertation process because it makes sure that you identify the supervisor’s expectations and requirements on a much closer view.
  • Open discussion – The opportunity of the meal also ensures that you and your supervisor may be able to hold an open discussion about the dissertation or anything that relates to it. This meal may become your key for a successful dissertation project.
  • Confidence Booster – The interaction may also help boost your morale and confidence about your project and you may be able to work on your dissertation with a clearer outlook.
  • Informal feedback – This meeting can also be your foray into the most detailed thoughts of your supervisor. It can be a chance for you to get an honest and in-depth criticism of your work and you can choose to use it in a positive sense to enhance your performance at the dissertation.
  • Learning Instrument – There may be a lot of things that you may miss out on asking your supervisor while in a formal setting. However the thanksgiving meal may ensure that you make a list of all your doubts and get answers for them over a tasty meal.

Innovation is the key to success and when innovation is used in the process of achieving success at a dissertation project, it may look like a meal with the supervisor over Thanksgiving.


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