Finding The Right Tutor For Your Dissertation

Dissertation Tutors has a team of experienced tutors that can aid you in your dissertation work. This article highlights how you can find the right tutor with the precise skill and at the right price on our website (

You can search for tutors based on the skill set that is required for your project. For example, “writing,” “proofreading,” or “SPSS.” If you know the required skill, enter the key word in the <START SEARCHING TUTORS HERE> box provided on the home page. Alternatively, you can click the “View All Tutors” link on the home page to view the list of all tutors.
Depending on your search criteria, you can now view the list of matching tutors. Each tutor is displayed with a photograph (optional), name, skills, the number of completed projects, and the user rating. Along the hourly rate of each tutor, you can also view if the tutor is currently available for work.

You can use the left-side pane to refine the list of tutors. To filter the tutor list on basis of their skills, click the skill from the available options in the “Skills” panel. You can click multiple skills to filter the list accordingly (for example, tutors with both “writing” and “SPSS” skills). If you have a budget constraint, you can filter the tutor list on basis of their hourly rate (for example, all tutors charging less than £30) in the “Price per Hour” panel. If you are particular of the country that the tutor belongs, select the check box of the country from the available options in the “Country of Tutor” panel. If your choice is not listed, you can type your country name in the associated search box provided to see if there are any tutors from the specified country.

To view detailed information of any dissertation tutor profile, click the tutor’s name to open the profile page of the tutor. This page contains additional tutor information including some current professional information, last login date, and any client reviews for this tutor. You can use the “Send a Message” section to communicate directly with the tutor. Specify your message text, name, and email address in the appropriate boxes. Based on the response time information, you should expect a direct response from your tutor on your email address.

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