Is buying a ready-made dissertation illegal?

Student faces lot of difficulties in writing a dissertation. Even they succeed in writing dissertation they will not succeed in achieving the highest score. Dissertation written by the student is not up to the mark because of challenges and problems they face during the dissertation writing. Writing a dissertation in an effective way requires hard work and concentration of the student. However, the student does not have other choice than writing a good dissertation to achieve a good grade and ultimate they get a degree. This situation makes student to go for seeking external agency help. External agency solves all the above problems of student easily and make student achieve their degree with high grade. Dissertation Services is one of the best external agencies providing dissertation writing help for the student.

Hours of research work for writing dissertation is the situation on earlier days. Today, students can buy the dissertation directly from an external agency. Ready-made dissertation for all the topics is available for the student to buy at affordable rates. Why the student spends their time in writing a dissertation, when students can get it for money from an external agency. Cost of dissertation depends on the number of pages or number of words that dissertation consist. The students can buy this dissertation only for their reference or guideline for their original dissertation. Buying a dissertation and copying the idea from that may lead to plagiarism; in this scenario, buying dissertation becomes illegal. As all know, plagiarism is an illegal act as per law. The student can use the purchased dissertation for their reference and make necessary changes to make their dissertation a qualitative one. In most of the places, it is technically legal to buy dissertation, and there are certain ways to legitimate the
use of this purchased dissertation. According to experts, purchased dissertation is for the student to give an idea on how to write his or her own dissertation.

Almost all the external agencies that offer dissertation for sale may have some disclaimer. These disclaimers consist that any dissertation purchased can only be used for the research purpose and must be referenced accurately. In most places, it is legal to buy dissertation. The way in which the purchased dissertation is used is the primary issue. Students buy dissertation and submit it as their own work may lead to an illegal act. This may lead the student to get punished according to copyright law.

Many colleges strictly prohibit plagiarism in the dissertation. The violation may lead to the punishment for a student from the college. The student’s dissertation may lead to rejection and may not get degree award form College. Buying a dissertation is helpful for a student, as it is saving time and at the same time, the student is submitting a good dissertation. The Dissertation Services Company can help the student to buy a dissertation of their interest.

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