Know the role of Developmental editing in interdisciplinary research and The ethical implications of substantive editing in less than 5 minutes

Developmental editing is a type of editing that focuses on the overall structure, organization, and content of a manuscript. This type of editing is often used for longer works, such as books, dissertations, and research papers, and is typically done at the early stages of the writing process. Developmental editing involves working closely with the […]

How to Discern that Your Topic is Researchable

Your topic should neither be too broad nor be too narrow. It should interest you, only then you will be able to deliver a research that can interest the readers. However, these instructions or rules for choosing that perfect research topic are easier said than done.   Consider Nadya’s case shared below to get an idea […]

How to Choose an Adviser for Your Dissertation

Many doctoral students face difficulty choosing their advisers and committee members. Every university has different parameters about the choice of advisers. Sometimes scholars have advised their supervisors upon entry to the programme and recommended to stick to those advisers until viva preparation. Some departments provide liberty to scholars to keep switching their advisers. You should […]

Problems coming in the way of your Dissertation Writing you should be aware of.

Writing a dissertation is considered to be the most frightening work a student comes across in his/her academic life. While writing a dissertation a student may come across a few problems they should be aware of and prepare them self to tackle those problems. Many times it happens that the student is not aware of […]

Simplify writing the conclusion of your Assignments: Here are the language boxes

The conclusion to an essay is written with two objectives: Summary of Arguments: The conclusion gives the student/researcher to compile together the threads of the argument so that the reader knows what he should take home from the write up or the study. Hence nothing new should be introduced in the conclusion section that leaves […]