Simplify writing the conclusion of your Assignments: Here are the language boxes

The conclusion to an essay is written with two objectives:

  1. Summary of Arguments: The conclusion gives the student/researcher to compile together the threads of the argument so that the reader knows what he should take home from the write up or the study. Hence nothing new should be introduced in the conclusion section that leaves the author in a sense of ambiguity.
  2. Implications and scope of future research: It is the section that gives the reflection of the implications of the study or the assignment, thus establishing the link between the aim of the assignment and the reason for interest in the assignment that you have stated in the beginning. It should end by pointing out the scope and the possibilities of future research.

What to include in the conclusion to a project: The language boxes

The conclusion that refers back to what was the cause of the study and points forward to what might happen in the future and includes the suggestions and recommendations can largely have these six elements:

  1. Restatement of purpose: The aim of the study was to/ the study was intended to/ The research explored whether……
  2. Summary of key points: The results indicated that/ the findings are consistent with previous studies/ the findings are unconventional to the existing views……
  3. Explanation and speculation of the findings: It may be that the findings were influenced. by/it could be that/ in case the results get confirmed by other studies, the researchers may have to…….
  4. Limitations of the study: There is caution associated with these findings because/ there was lack of control group/ the sample size of the study was limited/ it is necessary to accept/acknowledge that the nature of the study was exploratory…..
  5. Generalisations or implications from the findings: There is clear evidence in the present study that/ the study clearly supports the claim that/ this leads us to believe that/ the research explored whether……
  6. Recommendations of future research: The possible areas of future study are/ the research in the future should target upon/ one of the options open for further study could be/ further explorations can be done by future research/ it is necessary to further investigate…..

With the above language boxes, you can create an impressive conclusion that would graduate the reader step by step from one stage to another and create an impressive and comprehensive conclusion section.

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