5 things to keep in mind while revising your dissertation

Revision is the heart of writing. Every page I do is done over seven or eight times.”- says Petrica Relly Giff.

Petrica is very true, to say this because without revision writing any sort of smart dissertation doesn’t make any sense. Revision helps in expunging all sorts of known and un-known errors that happens while writing a piece of research. Also, a revised dissertation is a matter of appreciation and handy submission with an expectation of grade “A”, whereas the one devoid of revision is likely to get rejected by the experts. Thus, the weight age of revising the dissertation increases as it is the central key of a successful research. However, as every important task is definitely not easy to undertake so is the revision of dissertation. It needs many key points to be followed while revising your dissertation, 5 main among these are mentioned below-

  1. Keep reminding the topic to yourself – Revise your dissertation in relation to your topic, as your write-up should not deviate from the topic. Read your introduction part and make sure that it truly defines the topic, its aim to be studied and what is thought to be achieved. Go through the content to be written and check whether it covers all the tolling strokes of the topic? If, your answer is yes then you can move ahead otherwise add on the required strings in the flow……..
  2. Pose questions to yourself – More you talk and ask questions to yourself more livelily and vibrant your dissertation will be. Will revising your dissertation work out on questions like whether the content you have added is up to the mark or something is supposed to be added or deleted from the same? Whether the paragraphs are too long or short and are well arranged or not? Are usages of words fine or are flowery a lot to be included in a professional paper? Whether the flow of contents is sequential or is in haphazard manner? Likewise many more questions can be pondered upon with well versed revision of the write-up.
  3. Keep your study audience centric – Focus your audience not only while writing, but also while revising, as you are writing for them. For example – If you’re topic is “Impact of racism on the progress of nation” then your study and research has to be based on the practical figures generated through the survey of youth response and that too of different sections. Also, it should be clearly mentioned in the dissertation considering different sections of youths and their relative responses. Never forget to deviate from the audience choice, write practical and logical points.
  4. Revise conclusion – “If end is well all is well”, thus revision of conclusion should be equally valued as introduction. Ensure that your conclusion should summarize entire dissertation, should mention interpretation and should describe what was expected and is achieved in detail.
  5. Proofread your dissertationdissertation proofreading for punctuations, grammars, spellings, grammar and vocabularies. Flawless dissertation is always valued and first hand submitted.

Thus, aforesaid 5 things should be kept in mind while giving finishing touch to your dissertation.

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