Ensure that your tutor maintains confidentiality

One needs to maintain extra alertness while hiring a tutor. This is because tutoring activities are private matters and they should never be shared with others or made public in any way without taking a student’s permission.

Breaking of confidentiality between student and tutor could have deadly results. While on one hand, they can undermine the student’s progress, on the other hand, it could harm the tutoring relationship.

The students hiring tutor services should also be appraised of the confidentiality rules of Tutor Program at the start of tutoring.

Both students and tutors should maintain confidentiality and should be aware of their limits.

The tutor-tutee relationship should be based on the grounds of trust. It is mandatory that personal tutors are respecting the confidentiality of the relationship.

The entire personal data as well as the information given by a student to a personal dissertation tutor should be treated as confidential. It should be shared with others in line with policy discussed earlier while signing the contract.

Here are a few tips that should be maintained by personal tutors:

  • They should build a relationship of trust and mutual respect with personal tutees
  • They should follow the clause of confidentiality
  • They should refrain from gossiping with colleagues and friends about their students
  • They should not take additional personal responsibility if they feel they can’t handle it

The only exceptions where confidentiality can take a break are discussions on a student’s issues with the tutoring person.

Even the students should know that you will respect their wishes related to their information. They should  know that there are certain situations where you have a duty to disclose information. But then it should not be misutilised. This disclosure needs to be done with consent. There has to be a consensus on when to break confidentiality, when to disclose to third parties and when to go for agreed non-disclosure.

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