Benefits of Online Dissertation Tutoring

The quality of dissertation submitted has a significant impact on the career of students. Dissertation is a written document of about twenty pages or more and needs to be submitted at the end of an academic or research program. Scholars pursuing higher education or research are required not only to reproduce the existing knowledge but also to contribute to the existing body of knowledge and put down their findings in the dissertation in the prescribed form. A dissertation is assessed on the basis of its content, knowledge-contribution, language and presentation. A dissertation should not only be seen as a report but as an abstract of the entire research and academic program; a dissertation reflects the knowledge level of the scholar or researcher .In higher education students are on their own, they may need to support themselves by working or seek scholarships. Many scholars start pursuing a research program while already pursuing a career in academics or research. Many students may find classroom teaching insufficient as the faculties have to address an entire class of different students and not one single individual, many students may not follow correctly and be expected to equip themselves better through self means .

Tutoring has now acquired new dimensions propelled by online facilities. Now students seeking guidance on their dissertation can connect with expert mentors online at Dissertation Tutors. Their simple and streamlined process keeps students right on their track and focused. In order to avail their guidance students need to first discuss their dissertation topic with their tutor, this is done through Skype. During the discussion the tutor gets to understand the topic, objectives and expected end results of the dissertation, and based on this understanding deliverables are identified and mailed to the student who can if required make additions or deletions in it and send the accepted document online to Dissertation Tutors. The best part is that the student gets a mutually agreed upon schedule for online consultation with the mentor or mentors, during these consultations the student gets guidance on the correct methods of conducting the research and writing the dissertation. Statistical help on data is also rendered during these consultations. The tutors also edit the dissertation. Students can also opt for weekly update calls to monitor their own progress; whenever required students can connect with their tutors via e mail and may also converse with them over telephone.

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