Getting a Life While Writing Your Dissertation

It is not advisable to wait until the end of your dissertation to get a life for yourself. In fact, there is no need to wait to do so. Develop the skills that you have acquired over the years to enrich your dissertation experience. You should consider doing so since it will help you cope better with your dissertation. Also, you should never let your work life conflicts affect your research work.

Know yourself

Understand what causes you stress and what can be done about it. Do you feel that your time management skills are poor? Are there too many demands from everyone? Are the expectations of people from you unclear? What do you need to do in order to invigorate yourself? An hour’s walk in the woods? Some time with your friends at a café? A good chat with your friends? A comic con in your city that can make you want to hop on the stage in the dress of your favourite character and also get into that role? An entertaining movie? Maybe an outdoor or indoor game such as scrabble, chess, carom, etc. that would make you feel alive while following a boring dissertation schedule? If you are not sure what invigorates you, reflect on the times when you were stressed and the times when you were totally relaxed and work accordingly.

Know your situation

Sit down and note down all the obligations you currently have. This includes your academic commitments, professional commitments, your parents, spouse, children or others for whom you care. It also includes emotional as well as formal obligations on top of it. Write down the passions that you have set aside. Now, note down any passions you may have set aside in order to complete your dissertation. Create a realistic plan that is also purposeful. It is important that you have a proactive approach to your research work and also to balancing your work and personal lives. The plan should be such that there is enough time for you to relax and also to complete your dissertation on time. However, make your dissertation the focal point of your plan.

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