How to Survive Your Dissertation Successfully

It can be quite a struggle for many research students to write and complete their dissertations in a satisfactory way. However, it is important not to lose heart if you are unable to tackle the entire work timely and efficiently. Here are some tips that can keep you hopeful while you make efforts.

1. Set deadlines: It is important to set deadlines if you want to stay motivated toward your goal of achieving a nicely written dissertation. While you set deadlines for writing each of your sections or chapters, make sure that you follow these deadlines without fail. Try to remain on track as far as possible.

2. Make flexible goals: Many times, you will find the need to readjust your goals. Thus, it is essential to stay flexible in your approach while setting deadlines.

3. Keep collecting feedback: Make sure that you submit your chapters to your supervisor on time so they can keep giving you regular feedback. Its advantage is that you may complete things timely and accommodate any rework in your schedule easily. There will not be a pile of things to edit at the last moment.

4. Carry on your research: Even if your supervisor demands some changes, take their feedback positively and constructively. Find someone who can keep motivating you through this process. Additionally, your research should not stop and you should keep exploring knowledge sources whenever you are stuck with something. It will help you keep up to your supervisor’s expectations.

5. Remain stress-free: Remain cool and relaxed. Take short breaks during your writing activity so you may feel refreshed. Do your favorite tasks during this break time and entertain your mind. It will recharge you to work more efficiently when you start writing again.

6. Stay away from distractions and excuses: Avoid making excuses not to write, as it can harm you when your deadlines start approaching. Additionally, say no to distractions to save time.

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