Is It Possible to Write a 100% Plagiarism-Free Dissertation?

While plagiarism happens due to the invalid copying of content belonging to another author, it may also occur unintentionally at times. Thus, you might not even know that your written work has plagiarized content. To avoid all types of plagiarism is actually possible with the help of some tips, as well as effective plagiarism detection tools.

If you want to initiate the process of removing plagiarism in your dissertation, then you should start by conducting a check of it in your draft. You may use any proper online tool for this purpose and detect the amount of plagiarism it contains. If the tools displays, then note down all the content sections and text where plagiarism has occurred. Even if you find a single percent detected, it is always in your favor to alter your content.

Although you can paraphrase the plagiarized content, it is better that you rewrite the specific section or paragraph. This will leave no chance of plagiarism occurring again. Use your language instead of going by the language of another author so plagiarism is removed entirely in your work. Sometimes, paraphrasing may not correct the matter completely.

Further, you should pay attention to the areas where you have used quotations from other sources. Against all quoted content, make sure to give the citation of the source in the prescribed style. It is also important to mention your source and give credit to the original author by including it in your references mentioned at the end of your dissertation. In addition, never forget to use quotation marks around the content you have quoted in your work.

Avoid long quotations and misquoting the text. In fact, it is better not to use too many quotes in your project. It is not very much appreciated. Thus, using the right referencing styles and writing in your own language can help you avoid all types of plagiarism.

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