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How UK Education system is different from that of US

USA and UK boasts of half of the world’s top 200 universities and they share a rich heritage of quality higher education, excellent facilities for research, and a thriving culture promoting intellectualism, meritocracy as well as academic freedom. While both provide an excellent environment for learning, there are many differences between the two countries regarding […]

How to Conclude Your Dissertation?

Your research journey is incomplete if you are not done with the concluding part of your study. Although last but still; not least, “conclusion” of your dissertation holds a chief section of the write-up, thus lettering this section is not less than any expert undertaking. A well thought and designed conclusion is framed purposefully with […]

Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Dissertation is taken up by doctoral candidates in specific topics of their subject of specialization at the post graduate and graduate level. Deciding a topic for dissertation requires careful thought l, a wrong or lesser research idea can cause waste of time, energy, failures and frustration. Many researchers may face confusion and indecisiveness in a […]

Role of Meta Analysis in dissertation writing

Meta analysis is a statistical method used to identify a pattern across studies. Meta analysis is a review technique that gives a quantitative outcome across studies. Meta analysis is helpful to identify study result pattern, disagreement source in the result and other relationships that may come into focus while analysis. Advantages of Meta analysis include […]