How to Conclude Your Dissertation?

Your research journey is incomplete if you are not done with the concluding part of your study. Although last but still; not least, “conclusion” of your dissertation holds a chief section of the write-up, thus lettering this section is not less than any expert undertaking. A well thought and designed conclusion is framed purposefully with an aim to compile all the crucial points of the dissertation together, emphasize on the solution of the issue raised during research, have evidence for limitations faced and describes the future scope and prospects of the study undertaken. Thus, the conclusion of your dissertation needs some important tips in order to give an edifying touch to it, here comes the following –

  1. Structuring your dissertation conclusion is the first imperative task to be done. A well written conclusion should include a summary of the dissertation, key points from the main body, your own judgment about the issue and the study; restrictions found in the study, future prospects of the study, allusion of the research and at last some important points to be known.
  2. Starting with an enlightening introductory part of the conclusion is always a matter of applause. It should always commence with the central subject of discussion in the dissertation, should point out the significance of the discussed matter and should regurgitate the research questions.
  3. Main body of the conclusion should be presented with the discussed problem and its solution according to the research done. Although a lot is there to be mentioned in this section but still keep it crisp yet contented and come to point directly along with the description of the methodologies used.
  4. Conclude your conclusion with the findings and future prospects of the study. You can also add any summarizing quote at the end of this section so that it can give a good finishing touch to the conclusion.
  • Never add any such extra points or statements in the conclusion which is not mentioned in the dissertation before.

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