Role of Meta Analysis in dissertation writing

Meta analysis is a statistical method used to identify a pattern across studies. Meta analysis is a review technique that gives a quantitative outcome across studies. Meta analysis is helpful to identify study result pattern, disagreement source in the result and other relationships that may come into focus while analysis. Advantages of Meta analysis include – generalized results to a larger population as more data is analyzed, more accuracy in results, proper quantification of inconsistency across studies, analysis of consistency in results, application of testing hypothesis and insertion of moderator to explain the variation in studies. For more information on Meta analysis, one can visit a dissertation writing website that provides the students with different kinds of Dissertation Services.

Meta analysis is involved with a huge amount of work and is a well-established methodology. One can make the dissertation unique by using the method of meta analysis. Good Meta analysis in dissertation can give solutions to numerous problems effectively. Sometimes, Meta analysis can develop additional questions for which answer will be available in any section of the dissertation. The Meta analysis makes student understand the dissertation topic extremely, as the student will be able to answer maximum questions. A dissertation can be made more effective with Meta analysis, if compared to other methods. The result of usage of two methods can be exceptionally good. The Meta analysis provides a great knowledge for the student by providing quantitative result and removing the effect of sampling error. This method is hugely popular because result obtained from this method is accurate. The relationship between the two studies is explained exceptionally well after Meta analysis. The Dissertation Services Company provides input on the importance of Meta analysis in dissertation writing. Mainly two types of the models are used in Meta analysis – 1) they are Random effect model and 2) fixed effect model.

In the medical field of research, Meta analysis is used to study rare diseases where there is a lack of data. This study is more precise and exact than the method of traditional literature review. Traditional reviews can be biased because they rely on personal interpretation. Others can replicate this method, as it has the capability to detect small one between two variables. This is one of the best tools used in the dissertation to find a steady pattern. By using Meta analysis, information gathered can be generalized so that the reader can understand it easily. Studies conducted by this method are objective and there is no chance for bias. Biases can be easily identified through this method of analysis. The outcome of this study can be used to carry out further studies. Overall to say, Meta analysis plays a crucial role in making dissertation effective.

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