How to Write an Undergraduate Dissertation in Five Days?

Writing a dissertation is an extremely daunting task and that is the reason that very often you tend to put it off to the last moment. However, when you are in the last week of your submission and are faced with the task of completing your undergraduate dissertation in 5 days flat, there are some measures that you should consider taking so that you can get into damage control mode and still save your project from failing.

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Make a plan: the first thing you should do is to make a fool proof plan or a schedule. This will help give you a direction and also help motivate you to skip the movie plan your friends may be making. While creating a schedule is not the difficult part, the bigger challenge is following the plan and sticking to it no matter what.

Take an organized approach: Since there are just 5 days for you to work on the dissertation. Mark a special task for each day, where one day can be devoted to the gathering of the material and making researches. Other days can be devoted to organizing and structuring the study, while the last two days can be kept aside for the re-checking and editing of the material.

Stick to timelines: Even as you make a schedule and try your best to follow it each day, you should also keep track of each hour or half hour. Since the gathering and putting together of the material require extensive research, there are chances that you might go off the track and start indulging in harmless surfing. This might not seem like a big thing but most times it eats into precious hours and you end up losing sleep over incomplete dissertation work.

Take Help: When all else fails and you see no light at the end of the tunnel, you can opt for help for your project. Involve parents, friends or even professional dissertation tutors who may be able to mentor you through the process and give you the boost you need in your project.

While it may seem like a very short time, completing a dissertation in five days is not an impossible task if you have your heart to it and the right sort of help.

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