Things to Know About Your Dissertation Tutors

A good tutor can be a boon for your successful dissertation. But, the ball lies in your court that how efficiently and effectively you can congregate information’s from your tutor. What to ask and discuss with him and what to know about your tutor are the important considerations. Also, choosing the one who can flourish proper guidance to you is a troublesome task. Few points of thoughtfulness while you think about your dissertation tutor are –

  • What to know about your tutor? – Preliminary step is to select a reliable tutor and know all his knobs and knocks. Check whether your tutor is from the similar background as of yours and has some credible holdings of the work. Also, test out his guiding style whether it is analytical or subjective. These points will help you in choosing a better coach for your dissertation.
  • What to ask and discuss with your tutor? – Doing some grounding in the work before visiting your tutor will always be beneficial for you. At least a basic awareness about the topic, table of content, chapters involved in dissertation and methodological perspective used is of utter significance. This will help you in getting better know-how of your dissertation while discussing it with the tutor. Few imperative points to be discussed are –
  1. Discuss your topic and framework of the entire dissertation with your tutor and collect his viewpoint on the same.
  2. Fix up your sessions with your tutor according to your discussed agenda of work.
  3. Ask for some different and more relevant data collection and analysis methods with him as he has more and better insight of work.
  4. Last but not the least; never miss any of your follow up sessions with him as it is a high time for you.

Hence, your awareness and alertness towards your tutor can flourish your purpose of making a noticeable dissertation.

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