Dissertation Formatting

Formatting can be defined as the appearance and layout of your document. Dissertations are to be formatted as per the different norms prescribed by different universities. The purpose is to attain ‘consistency’ and improve a dissertation’s visibility! Why? Because the readers are highly influenced by the presentation of a text. If your dissertation looks like a dissertation, the reader will be more likely to have a favorable attitude to what you have written.

THE PROBLEM: Strict formatting RULES defined by the universities (especially in the UK), and lack of practice! Sometimes, even small mistakes (like the page numbers are a bit closer to the page edge than the specified regulations) can cost you the rejection of your dissertation! Formatting approved by any style guide usually requires:

Consistent layout and citation structure of dissertation

Page setup and text formatting

Tables and figures styling

THE SOLUTION: Perfect formatted dissertation in whatever style you need [i.e., APA, MLA, Harvard, or any other]! Because we understand that a correct formatted document will create a greater first and lasting impression of your work.

We bring to you an interactive platform where you can find editors from around the world who are proficient at what they do. They can solve your formatting problems and get you the master’s degree you deserve!


  • Browse the list of our editors
  • Select the one on the basis of his/her qualification and your needs
  • Initiate direct communication with the editor and exchange your files and instructions
  • Keep track of your work through email chats
  • Make payment and get your formatted dissertation

Our editors work with your document to make it conform to your University’s rules. They take care of:

Methods of Pagination
Preparing Figures and Tables
Notes Placement
Preparing Text
Headings and Sub-headings
Citation Compliance
Table of Contents
Layout Formatting

What our dissertation formatting services does not do:

Our editors will only format your dissertation and NOT edit it. If you want re-writing, substantial and ESL editing, then check out our Dissertation Editing Services. Also, this service does NOT include of plagiarism check and removal.


  • 100% confidentiality as the work is commenced on our servers.
  • Complete work within the time-frame. If not, then we will initiate the refund process.

Contact Our Editors and You’ll Be All Set. Guaranteed!

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