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Research Design: The Structure of Dissertation

A research design is the outline of your dissertation. It consists of the data collection methods, analysis methods and the measurement tools that you will use to conduct your research. And this design research methodology planning of your dissertation is initiated at the very start! No matter how large or small your research is, establishing a research design is vital to your success. Why? Because if you don’t know where your research is going, you won’t know if it’s succeeding! That is what a research design is, the in and out of your research, the structure of your dissertation!

Therefore, if any aspect of your research design is flawed or under-developed, the quality and reliability of your final results, as well as the overall value of your study, will be turned to ZERO!

The problems in building a research design:

Poorly defined
research problem
Lack of
Estimating the
scope of the
research project
Lack of theoretical
No contribution
to the field
Poor methods
and instruments
Defining the
limitations of study

The Solution: Dissertation Tutors

How can we help you build a successful Design Research Methodology?

In order to support your efforts for a quality design research methodology, we at Dissertation Tutors provide you a platform where you can Control your Dissertation and Success! We bring to you exclusive research design services where you can search and select the qualified Tutor who will provide expert dissertation research methodology help to build a well-developed research design of your dissertation!

We place those tutors on our website who are capable of finding a balance between your research preparations, resulting in a research plan that will ensure the quality of your dissertation!

What the tutors do:

  • 1  Specify the research problem in a clear and concise manner. Defend its selection by presenting other alternative designs that could have been developed
  • 2  Inspect and incorporate previously published findings associated with the defined research problem
  • 3  Precisely and explicitly specify the research questions or hypotheses that are relevant to your research
  • 4  Adequately describe the data that is essential to conduct your research and explain how such data will be obtained
  • 5  Illustrate the analysis methods that are appropriate to examine the collected data and determine whether the hypotheses are true or false.

The dissertation research methodology help to develop a research design as a part of our comprehensive services is one of the most sought after. If you are looking for someone to write and develop a dissertation proposal for you as well, then check out our Dissertation Proposal Services.

What we ensure:

  • 100% satisfaction with your research design. If not, we will replace the tutor with no additional cost to you
  • 100% plagiarism free document. We thoroughly re-check the documents before submitting the final file
  • 100% confidentiality. All the tutors work on our servers and we ensure that the files are secured

Check out the Sample Research Designs developed by our tutors and judge the Quality of Work we provide!

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