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How to Conclude Your Dissertation?

Your research journey is incomplete if you are not done with the concluding part of your study. Although last but still; not least, “conclusion” of your dissertation holds a chief section of the write-up, thus lettering this section is not less than any expert undertaking. A well thought and designed conclusion is framed purposefully with […]

Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Dissertation is taken up by doctoral candidates in specific topics of their subject of specialization at the post graduate and graduate level. Deciding a topic for dissertation requires careful thought l, a wrong or lesser research idea can cause waste of time, energy, failures and frustration. Many researchers may face confusion and indecisiveness in a […]

Giving Feedback to Students

It is important for PhD mentors to give feedback to students. There is much that one can learn through feedback. Advice of this nature is practical. The student has already done some work. The mentor has corrected it. He is in a position to give several points that are practical and can be implemented easily. […]

Dissertation tutors in UK are a boon in dissertation writing

Dissertation is a written document that reflects the shape and structure of the research work. Students and researchers are required to submit dissertations of top-notch quality to score high and earn a degree. Dissertation tutors play a very important role in presenting the research working an effective way. The help offered by dissertation tutors is […]

Exploring your potential while working under the guidance of a dissertation tutor

Dissertation Tutors can play a crucial role in the upliftment of a doctoral candidate. Whichever subject you’re dealing with, by working under the expert guidance of a dissertation tutor, it becomes quite convenient for you to come up with an excellent dissertation. There is a huge majority of research students who are always on a […]